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Hi! Welcome to Our Warrior Cats! On this site we’ll put stories we’ve written and welcome suggestions from readers! We appreciate if you let us know if you have any likes, dislikes, suggestions, or things you didn’t understand in our stories. The first story is mostly finished aside from a little editing and our second story is not finished yet and we still have much writing and editing to do on that. See the Our Own Little Warriors page to learn more about us and our cats. We hope you enjoy our site! 🙂 

Lauren & Danielle

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keep calm and may starclan watch over you

What’s Your Warrior Name?

Which ever thing I put after your birth month is the first part of your warrior name.

January: Snow
February: Ice
March: Storm
April: Rain
May: Flower
June: Sparrow
July: Cherry
August: Ivy
September: Fox
October: Acorn
November: Deer
December: Holly

Which ever thing I put after your favorite color is the second part of you warrior name.

Red: flame
Orange: stripe
Yellow: light
Light Green: leaf
Dark Green: foot
Aqua: stream
Light Blue: pool
Blue: song
Navy Blue: fall
Violet: tail
Magenta: heart
Pink: cloud
White: fur
Gray: claw
Black: stone
Brown: pelt

I’m interested to hear what everyone’s name is! Mine (Silkiechickens) was Flowersong.

You can also get your opposite name using the month of your half birthday and your least favorite color.

14 thoughts on “Our Warrior Cats

  1. emeraldkitty7

    This is emeraldkitty7 and I am testing the comments.
    I hope you like our site as much as we liked making it!
    Please comment on all of your likes and dislikes because we use and value your feedback!

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  2. sparkiefish05

    One quick thing, in the real series, you get to know all of the cats in the clan of the main character(s). I think it would be great if you could try to say something about the other cats. Even if it was just a little bit I think it would help readers get a better feel for the clans and the main character’s surroundings. Other than that your story is great! 😀


  3. silkiechickens Post author

    All right. Thank you for your feedback! We are trying to keep the story on the shorter side so we were sort of leaving little parts like you’re talking about out. But we’ll see what we can do! 🙂


  4. Lmh385 Post author

    Hi Nat,

    This site was made several years ago and we don’t really use it anymore, so it isn’t going to be updated or anything.




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